Chanakya, not my name, though, was considered as the best executioner , strategist and consultant during his time as he outlined on how a King should rule his empire. With 8 years of IT experience and a strong management education at my helm, I have developed myself from a fresher to consultant and have grown from an electrical engineer to a strategist. I strongly believe in exponential growth rather than a gradual one. I consider myself as a techie , who believes in harnessing knowledge about  gadgets, new tools, cars, bikes  gives an upper hand. I am being considered as verbose by my close circle as they believe my blogs do more talking than what I normally do. I am also being considered super foodie according to Zomato as I love to explore new restaurants and give the review about them. I have executed more than 20 CSR activities within a span of two years and collected almost over 4 lakh for different orphanages and homes across the state.

 All these wouldn’t have been possible without my team. Realizing the dream of one individual and efforts to fulfill those requires careful planning and execution. I have been able to do this with ease because all it requires is to express what one thinks. Once that is done, others will follow towards the dream.

Finally, people around me say me a good techie, vivid thinker or blogger, foodie . But I feel I am just an ordinary human who tries to keep people around me happy.

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